Portrait of Larry G. Alexander as a young man.            

I am a long-time composer/arranger/studio musician presently living in Tyler, TexasMy principal instrument is double-bass.  I also play trumpet and euphonium.  I am retired from a forty-year career in radio broadcasting.   Thank you for your interest in my music.



Pentium 4, 2.4 megaHertz CPU

  Sixteen gigabytes RAM

ASUS P4P-800-SE motherboard

Windows Seven Professional

Three high-capacity internal hard drives

   Three high-capacity external drives 

Mackie 1202 VLZ audio mixer

Alesis Monitor One studio speakers

Samson Servo-150 stereo audio amplifier

Sonar 8.5.2 sequencing software

Garritan Personal Orchestra sample library

Garritan Jazz and Big Band sample library

Front Porch Banjo sample library

Front Porch Tuba sample library

   Kontakt 1, 2 and 3 sample libraries

   SampleTekk brass library


   Other studio "toys"

Now, where did I put my eyeglasses?

KNOE radio, Monroe, Louisiana, 1963

                                           Today, my left leg weighs more than my entire body did then. 
                                             What a skinny kid I was!  Notice the "high fashion" necktie.

                                        My Great-great Grandfather, Colonel Bubba Alexander

This is my Uncle, Billy Bob "Jumbo" Alexander.
He is a life-long, devoted, loyal Republican.

                               I create artwork from gourds.

"Say Ahhhhh"  (Bird House)




             Bowls ornamented with leather and seashells

"Nest" (bud vase)
I created the bird from seashells. The feathers on the gourd are real.


          "The Gourd Ship Lollipop"


The "rose bud" is a seashell.

"Holier Than Thou"

"Pearls n' Ivy"


I also create artwork using seashells.


Vase II

"Polly On A Perch"


"Martian Flowers"

Pin Dish


Pin Dish II


"Beach Boobs"

"Beach Boobs Tree"


"Tossed On The Waves"





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